The speaking God!

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Dear Partners,

One question that i cannot afford to escape from people asking about “hearing the voice of God”. Specially after  the time of prophetic gift  manifestation. I had scores of people asking about the audible one and spiritual one. But does it really matter ? Can one hear the voice of God?  Lets dig in!

During my early Christian days , i had come across lots of dramatic encounters with the Lord, once even hearing audible voice one afternoon while i was taking a nap. It was like thunder (great authority), i woke up and went out to check if someone had summoned me , but no one was at home. I went to my knees praying. But most of the time i hear Him in my Spirit while praying, travelling, eating etc.

The voice God has many forms. It can manifest through visions, dreams or also in direct( personally or through the church). For many God’s voice seems unfamiliar and strange or even scary!

Adam & eve enjoyed hearing God till the time they fell into sin and everything about God looked scary to them. They hid from His very presence. When God called out Adam, they were terrified to hear His same voice that was once pleasant to hear. It was something that Adam and eve  treasured the most at one point of their life. That’s why you see in old testament, people always depended on moses, Elijah and other prophets to hear from God . Even today we hear the same from people who have received Christ as their Lord and saviour and have been under the bondage of same lies. It’s time each of us hear from God for ourselves and make this a habit. God wants to open himself  to us the way He opened with Adam and eve! The fellowship involves listening and talking. The more you obey what He says , the more He talks!

Here’s the secret that i’ve learnt recently from God himself.

Hebrew 3:15 ‘ Today if you hear His voice… not harden your heart”

Rev 3:2o ” Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, i will come in….”

Notice that it does not say ‘when you hear my voice” but “IF YOU HEAR” . Which means God is speaking to us every moment. If the scripture would have said “when you hear’ that would have meant God speaks in occasions but thats not true !

The secret of my public prophetic ministry is  hearing God most of the time in private. I cultivated this habit of listening to Him right from my early days of walk with God. Ever since God has led me in  prophesying  names, situations of the people reviving their faith in Him. I remember at one time during one of our evangelistic crusades, middle of my preaching God made me to call names and situation of a young man who involved  in illicit relationship with three women. Hearing the word of God , he ran to the alter giving his life to Jesus . Today he is serving God in that very place!  It’s beautiful to see what God can do when you listen to His voice and obey Him.

How you can enjoy this blessing!

Remember that God has called us into a fellowship which involves talking and listening to Him. When you sit down for prayer or while reading God’s word, expect to hear from Him. It may even cost you to stay away from the noisy atmosphere. Pay full attention to what God is saying. Isolate yourself from distractive places. Obedience follows after listening from Him. Practice this every day!

Start praying for others needs. Expect God to use you to bless them with His word. In return you will find yourself blessed to see how God using you to be His voice to accomplish His divine purpose in lives around you. The voice of God also makes you a blessing!

Jesus said “My sheep hear MY voice ;I know them, and they follow me”-John 10.27

God has plans or your life. He is doing His best to communicate to you in various ways. He is speaking to us every moment.  Would you tune in to His voice today?

Do share your experience and thoughts of hearing God.


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