Will you be remembered?

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

Jesus did not die to just save so that we lead an ordinary life. An ordinary life does not need anointing but an extraordinary does. Once we have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, we are called to face the impossibilities with different perspective altogether, and this time not with our might and strength. We are business partners with God. We dream what God dreams!

Heroes of faith

We have but one life to live and then we are dead and gone. The question is will you be remembered by the next generation?  If you turn your bible to Genesis 5, you will read about the lineage from Adam to Noah. The scripture mentions names after names without going into details of the people. But when it came to Noah, the finger of God stoped! God narrated the story of Noah, because he had done something different! Others had lived an ordinary life and God did not have much to tell! Do you have a story?

Why our generation failed to see the real Christianity?

You see, when Peter got up and preached to the multitudes, healing the sick, prophesying to the broken, the church multiplied even after the wildest persecution and the signs & wonders followed. The people looked up to the leaders of the early church and defined Christianity as a powerful force that could not be stopped! Rather, many tuned to Jesus seeing the unstoppable zeal in the early Christians. But today, we see that the first thing that comes to the minds of unbelievers when you share the gospel, is the religious symbols, the signs, the choir or even WINE (for some). Instead of running to the church with the zeal to worship God and being hungry for Him, people think they are doing a favour by attending church! Some churches have even given up on gifts of the Holy Spirit(healing, gift of tongues etc.) claiming thats gifts no longer operate.  You see, there were no fire brand leaders in that generation that could stand and bring the real message or demonstrate the power of God. Satan has given a deceptive of Christianity to this generation, thats why for many church is a boring place to be. Can you take a stand to change this?

How to?

You can start with simple steps. Initially, identify the needs of the people (healing, financial etc.) and start praying and also let them know about it. At times the miracles go before the message. When they see some changes taking place , they will give their heart and ears to the message. Lead them to the a spirit filled church where they can grow.

The church of Jesus

The first church of Jesus started with 12 disciples who later turned  into the “apostles”. Not one remained as a member. Sadly, there are churches that I’ve been to where pastors are more interested to fill thier pews than filling souls in heaven or raising people for the kingdom! Insecurity among leaders have become the bondage to the sheep who are not allowed to function in what God has deposited in them. Many dreams birth inside the church and get killed too inside the church walls. I dare you to not give upon your dreams. If God has called you, he will JUSTIFY(fight for you), and if he has justified he will glorify you.

I’ve been stopped, stamped, disgraced by several people who I thought I could run for help to, instead they closed their doors on me. Today, by grace alone I minister to thousands in crusades, run monthly city wide revival conferences and have found favour in heart of young people whom I shepherd. If it is God’s dream no man can fight you! Remember it’s never about you it’s about Jesus. Fight the good fight, we have only one life to live so do the best for Jesus!

Ask yourself today: Have I done enough since the day I was saved?

For Generation revival,

Danston John


  1. Priya says:

    nice to read.valuable message.

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