Revival Movement!

Posted: March 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

We have preached about it, sang, prayed ,believed and now it’s time this Generation SEES the results. I believe when God shows up, he shows up with fruits of our day and night seeking of what we prayed for!

There’s a bridge between dreams and results and that is never giving up on faith what i call is taking Holy RISK! Unfortunately majority are still stuck with their age old dreams and sadly they may never see it because of lack of faith( not lack of prayer).

U see, in the Book of acts, Communion with God always produced boldness (faith) and faith is ONLY applied to take risks. Faith is not for cowards but for the courageous. I often keep hearing believers pray but never work out what they pray in real lifestyle. Peter only saw the glory of God when he CAME OUT of the boat of the comfort lifestyle and ended up walking on water. He never prayed another prayer but simply he knew its time to test my faith and act upon the voice of the master -“COME”.

When we feel the presence of the master, its time to walk on the water- Nathan Morris.

Sadly, we see most of fighters of the injustice in society today are not believers, why do thousands still flee to so called “peace” gathering held by secular artists? It’s because they have NOT TASTED the work of God. Infact we have failed to do so and they have taken our place!

Lets look into the lifestyle of disciples of the early church. Jesus told them to wait in Jerusalem UNTIL they have been empowered. We see it fulfilled in the day of Pentecost where the Holy Spirit visited and empowered them. They enjoyed all that was happening at the Jerusalem temple. In Acts 3 we read John and peter walk towards the temple and on the way they meet a sick man. Now why was not this sick kept inside temple? I’m sure temple was not empty and there enough believers praying. This sick man never took an appointment. Peter were so used to the work that was happening inside temple. They went there to pray. But God interrupted their “prayer’ meeting and turned their focus on the sick man. It was like God saying to peter- enough you have prayed and sang and now it’s time you see it coming for REAL!

I believe this sick man was kept ON PURPOSE by God outside the temple gates, so that everyone around would see the glory of God through this healing testimony. It was an unexpected appointment but it drew thousands again to salvation. Yes, thats the true revival when we follow the agenda of the Holy Spirit. We stop where He asks us to stop and do what He wants us to do. Revival is never limited to prayer or missions, its simple following his divine directions.


Do you pray for revival and you have never worked it out?

Have you ever prayed for blind eyes to open , deaf ears and dead to rise and you never even been to any of these yet?

Is your faith producing fruit? Is it bringing the restoration to the sick and the lost?

If you are truly inspired by God in the area of Revival then you are the man or a woman who believes in faith in action!

Now is the time. Don’t be ashamed or discouraged if you had to go through trials or failures in operating your faith. It’s a process. Practice your faith on the sick till you see him or her healed. Other day, when i was at the prayer hall, i asked my friend who happened to knew to play the keyboard to play. His replied saying- I haven’t been playing for a LONG TIME , so i’m not sure if i can play better. U see what you haven’t done for long time becomes a challenge when you are given an opportunity to do so. If you haven’t practiced your faith praying for the sick, using the prophetic gift or it can even be preaching the Good news you will always find it hard when it comes to do it in reality.

Discouragement, doubts and skepticism is all part of the process. You can’t avoid them. Know your role and break in till you have a break through!

God bless,

Danston John.

We serve same Jesus

  1. Shrinivas Tonpay says:

    So Powerful Pastor. Im encouraged by your word. God bless you man of Fire.

  2. scribecorner says:

    This is the message I have seen resonating throughout churches across India and the world. It is time to realise it is not me but Christ in me. It is time to surrender wholly and live a consecrated life devoted to Him. It is time to realise that we must prepare ourselves to serve Him. All of us are called to serve, now it is time to respond to the voice of the Master who says, “Come.” We need to prepare ourselves. It is time that each one of us be so anointed that even our shadows heal people. It is time to be examples of shining light and preach the gospel to the ends of the earth. God is saying, “Arise shine for your light has come.”
    Thanks for sharing this on your blog. It has confirmed much and blessed me.

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