Conversation with God!

Posted: March 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hello there!

Hope you are blessed and progressing in His favour!

I had an Amazing conversation with God this morning. Nothing like when God speaks directly to your heart, its breathtaking and keeps your day up and going with new strength and Joy! Hope you find this blessed and applicable for yourself as well.

God has been speaking about the vision of my near future , infact showing the bigger picture of where I am heading to from a little things am doing for him now. I had nothing but 2 things going inside me, One is tears and second the word- IMPOSSIBLE!

I’ve learnt of the fact that most of the time God does not speak or show you something that’s within your limits of understanding , strength or even the measure of anointing you carry. It simply makes Him GOD when you see no one can fulfill or show something that is outside your capacity to handle. Honestly, I was nervous, too cautious of my reputation etc etc.

I asked him- What if all this never works? what will people think? I don’t think I’ve have enough faith to operate such a calling in the area of supernatural, what if my faith fails?

He said-” Are you willing to risk your reputation for my name sake?

Then I replied-” What if i fail won’t my reputation hurt yours?

He replied –“You reputation is not linked to mine, but it’s my reputation that is linked to yours and will carry you through”

Saints, do you remember the scriptures, where it says…. the lord CONFIRMED His word with signs & wonders?

The other day, I had Evangelist brother Ram Babu text me – God does not need our defense, we just got to obey and He will defend us!

It’s true that many believers don’t want to risk themselves in obeying God because of being mindful of themselves.

For Eg: If sick person is laid before you, you don’t really want to pray and believe till he/she is healed and testifying. Ask whats stopping you from it, you will know what i’m saying.

Infact we do not have a reputation , we are dead to the world and made Alive to Jesus. Even if you had failed like peter after walking on the water for a little time and fall seeing the wind, our Good lord will save you from that fall. He saves those who takes a step of faith and come to Him. Let nothing hinder the powerful grace of God working in and through you. Lets catch the bigger picture of what God wants to accomplish in and through us. The world is waiting for you!

Lots of Love, Danston John

  1. gracedias says:

    Wow!! Thank you for posting this..

  2. Mridula says:

    Very encouraging and true!

  3. Anish Philip says:

    That was encouraging! Thank you!

  4. Dear Brother , that was lovely. regards.brm

  5. Sushmitha Bangari says:

    Praise God for such a wonderful plans god has for us…our wishes & prayers are with you!
    Thank you for Illuminating about initiating first, our step of faith…rest GOD will take care!

  6. hari says:

    keep writing bro 🙂

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