Unusual with God!

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

A major part of my Christian life was spent on reading stories and watching revival outbreaks! I enjoyed every bit of it and dreamt of revival in my Generation and I still do! We have seen revivals in churches, streets , camps etc, what if the next visitation of Jesus can turn the whole city to a CHURCH? God can!

Revival is a consequence of  intense prayer and expectation for the unusual experience with God. However the disciples before the Pentecost were led only to seek the face of God. They were not informed about the external manifestations but still they gathered in one accord to pray. They were promised about the visitation of the Holy Spirit. Church was in the mind of God. But something” unsual” took place to which they were not in control of!  The place was packed with the power from above!

They had no protocol set for the day, No church managements, No G12 cell group meetings but  the church( 3000 people) was born in a MOMENT! 3000 people walking into the kingdom!

Check the same with moses- He encounters God in the desert, Receives the commission and surrenders to God( May your presence lead the way)! Result? – 2million souls was entrusted to him in one shot! He brought a nation out a nation!

Can God entrust a nation in your hands?

Is your prayer so intense that God himself cant wait to visit you? How strong is your prayer life today?

You are born to encounter heavenly visitations! Prayer is not just a dialogue between you and God, its an expression of hunger for God.

I remember reading a revival testimony of Tommy Tenney, author of book God chaser. One Sunday, He had invited a guest speaker for the service. Tenney sensing something strong in the spiritual atmosphere retreated to the back of the auditorium. With NO warnings he heard a loud cracking in the stage that jolted the audience. At that same instant the church pulpit split in half and fell of the carpet and the speaker was thrown back several feet away. The whole church began to respond with fear. There was no logical explanation for what happened. The company that manufactured pulpit said it was made of a polymer material and is’nt supposed to crack even under hundreds of pounds of pressure! God had just visited them!

Do you crave for unusual experiences or simply follow the church protocol? There’s much difference when the groom meets the bride than listening to a prophet in the house! Lets allow the Holy Spirit to reorder us and prepare for us the coming move of God!

Are you ready for a revival?  Here is the formula- Intense prayer(genuine seeking) + visitation= Revival!





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